History of the VASIL Company


The history of the VASIL Company dates back to 1989. Organized at the peak of the economic crisis that prevailed in the Soviet Union, the eponymous cooperative in 25 years is becoming a leading global company, a manufacturer of training machines for athletes and the best gyms all over the world. During the first year of its presence on the market, the cooperative reorganized into a production company of training machines and sports equipment with a plant in Dnepropetrovsk. Overcoming stiff competition, we gain strength to enter the international market.
In 1993, a representative office VASIL Budapest was opened. At the end of the year the company owned 60% - 70% of the Hungarian market of sport training machines.

In October 1994, changes in the composition of company management occurred – the control came to Shapran Sergey. The master of sports, honored coach of Ukraine and great businessman in a short period of time brought the company VASIL to the leading positions of the production of sports equipment, home fitness equipment in CIS countries. Especially the work was devoted to the firm consolidation of market positions of near and far abroad, paying particular attention to representation in Moscow. Being one of the first who came to Russia after the Soviet collapse, the company was gaining the trust of consumers and respect of sports associations, marking its highest quality products. At that moment of time the company VASIL produced the range training complex ‘IDEAL’, consisting of 47 weight stack machines and benches, and a fitness complex ‘Master’, including 19 kinds of training machines. The plant produced a new multifunctional training machine for home and combined bench press – these two training machines, completing each other, fully meet the market demand at home gym. For the little ones, VASIL Company produced sports and gaming complex ‘Malyuk’, which was set in kindergartens.
In 1998 the complete reorganization of the production of training machines and updating of products began. Instead of a complex ‘IDEAL’ came the modern one, including more than 60 items and a training complex ‘VASIL GYM’. That year, the company developed the production of completely new training machines on a system of free weight – ‘VASIL SWAY’ having no analogues in the CIS countries.
The year 2000 was a milestone for the company - for the first time VASIL training machines were presented at the international exhibition «FIBO», held in Germany. Participating in such a serious exhibition, the company demonstrated that the quality of its products meets the highest international standards, earning the reputation and recognition among its competitors. Next year the company’s attention was dedicated to the improvement of the existing lines of training machines: manufactured plates and weights were upgraded, environmentally friendly plastic compound replaced the black rubber. The product design also changed - there were options for training machines in different colors. In the same year, about a dozen different training machines for home use formed series ‘VASIL Home Line’, numbering today more than 50 models, as well as there are training machines made in the set ‘Lux’:

•    individual choice of coloring,
•    individual choice of the color spectrum of the soft parts,
•    the use of chrome details,
•    sealed bearings,
•    installation of decorative and protective panel of weigh-stack.

This series of training machines was presented at the ‘FIBO 2001’ exhibition, and became widely known far beyond the CIS countries. In anticipation of the ‘FIBO 2002’ the company presented a new set of fitness equipment ‘VASIL MASTER +’, and to the exhibition ‘FIBO 2004’ demonstrated a completely new line of professional training machines ‘VASIL NEO GYM’, aimed at elite fitness centers. Earning a reputation far beyond the borders of Ukraine, the company was quickly expanding the range of exercise training machines, fitness equipment and children's playgrounds and rapidly grew in financial and production way.

By purchasing in 2004 the new plant with a total area of about 8 hectares, the company planned to open a number of completely new directions in our work.

In 2005 the range of training machines of ‘VASIL NEO GYM’ was expanded, a new line of benches and racks of 900th line appeared. Also there was held an active work on modernization of professional training machines of the line ‘VASIL GYM’, as well as the home line training machines ‘VASIL HOME LINE ‘. The new line of free weight training machines ‘VASIL SWAY 1000’ was introduced at the exhibition ‘FIBO 2006’ which was designed to work with record weighs up to 350 kg. Also a new line of benches and racks «MASTER +» appeared. The reconstruction of the purchase plant and gradual implementation of its separate parts took place then. Opened in 2007, the plant completely concentrated a production increasing by 50% of the production capacity. A new stage of development of the enterprise started. By extending the range of «SWAY 1000", the firm successfully participated in the ‘FIBO 2008’ and other international exhibitions of training machines and fitness equipment.
The plan of doubling production capacity is developed. Today, the company confidently holds the leading position in the international market of training machines, working with dozens of foreign partners and selling training machines in more than 30 countries. The main clients of the company are sports clubs, health centers, and people leading an active lifestyle. For 25 years we have developed more than 350 kinds of training machines, and equipped more than 4,000 gyms. Cost optimization and effective management allowed occupying the leading position in the lower price segment firmly, while retaining the quality on the high level. Training machines and fitness equipment of VASIL Company are widely in demand in the market of sports equipment.

In 2002, we became the official supplier of training machines for the European Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness. Today, about 30-40 gyms are completed with our equipment per month.
The breakthrough of the 2012 was the creation of the top-line of the second ‘VASIL GYM 400’, the distinctive feature of which is compactness due to innovative design solutions to reduce the overall size of training machines. This line is a continuation of ‘VASIL GYM’ line, which has won credibility in the domestic and international markets. There was also designed the greatest quantity of the street (includes site street workout), children's and specialized (including the ones for the disabled) equipment. We aim to the further development of physical culture and sports in Ukraine and want to see our fellow citizens as healthy and vigorous spirit people.

As it is written about us in the foreign editions, VASIL - is "... a company that produces equipment, created by athletes for athletes." At the moment, we are the leading company in this field, constantly expanding the product range, but the path to the position of the leader was not short. The company has evolved, adapting to market conditions and closely followed its development trends, simultaneously satisfying growing demand.



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